Saturday Spotlight: James Shaw, Jr.

Remember “Connect-the-Dots?” If you saw those brain-teasers as a kid, you would recall that they were pretty simple. The picture in them was essentially already laid out for you; all you had to do was connect the dots to complete it. The simple ones only required you to complete the outline of the picture, but the more complex ones were more obscure. You would have to connect the dots in a convoluted, complex manner to see the whole picture.

That’s how it is in history, politics, and other man-made social norms. One can look at the current political climate here in the States and, by connecting the dots, see the big picture and how our politics are mirroring, and being mirrored by, other political events in other countries.

I recently connected the dots when it came to the bloggers who I thought were fun-loving online acquaintances. They laid out an amazing patchwork of amateur art and remedial poetry. I love the delicious simplicity of it all when I look at the full picture. I should give them due credit in some future posts, yes?

Nah. They already have too big of an audience and all they use it for is to smear shit on themselves and throw shit at others. What a waste of time and effort.

There are plenty of good people doing good things, quietly, without the desperate need of the attention and approval of others. James Shaw, Jr., for example. He is one who is doing good things because he is good people. That’s all there is to it.

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