TESO: The Next Chapter

One of the best things about The Elder Scrolls Online is that the anniversary of the initial launching occurs just after my week-long birthday celebration ends.

A free-play weekend is going on, leading up to the Jester’s Festival which coincides with the aforementioned anniversary event. A new chapter is coming on 5 June. Gaming geeks such as myself, who have pre-ordered the special collector’s edition, will get to start our adventures during the last week of May.

I’m looking for my beta-test invite in my email inbox. I’ll be streaming some gameplay over the weekend as well. My list of viewers is finally growing. I just needed to work with people who actually do what they say they will, and who know what the definition of work ethics really is.


* UPDATED Friday, 23rd March *

Just a quick correction: The 5 June release date of the new chapter, Summerset, is for Xbox and PlayStation users. 21 May is the launching of the new chapter for PC and Mac users.

Mercury is retrograde in my sign of Aries, so miscommunications and misunderstandings might occur more often.

See? I can acknowledge when I’m wrong.

Others would do well to do the same.

Especially when they pretend to be perfect, give unsolicited advice, and look down on everyone who isn’t in their remedial little clique.


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