The Day the Music Died

No, this post isn’t about the song “American Pie” by Don McLean.

It is a good song, but has been re-made and overplayed too many times for me to play it here. I don’t mind when it comes on the radio.

The receiver died today after limping along for a week. I knew that it was on its last legs, and it finally gave up the ghost.

Can’t play the radio or watch television with surround sound for now.

Time to start looking for a new sound system! Good thing we can afford one of quality.

I don’t do Wal-Mart, Kmart, Tar-ghey, or any of those other cheap-ass places that cater to trailer trash.

Ross Dress for Less is the only “discount” place I do. They have decent stuff on the rack, once in a great while.

Sub Re-Upped

I updated my payment information and renewed my WordPress.

It feels good to pay my own way and not beg money from others.

It takes a special kind of thief and coward to take money from people who can barely afford to take care of themselves.

Nobody is twisting the arms of people who willingly throw money down a wishing well, though.

I guess they get, and deserve, what they paid for.


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