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Eyrie Of An Aries

Tonight’s full moon is the second one in this month, making it a “Blue Moon.” There will be no full moon in February of this year; the last time this occurred was in 1999.

There is also a total lunar eclipse, which will be visible before the moon sets in the morning hours. People in the Midwestern USA, and as far west as Hawai’i, will be able to view this beautiful sight.

To mark this astronomical event, I offer up three moon-related songs for our collective auditory enjoyment. Go ahead – do some dancing in the moonlight.


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MLB Opening Day

Major League Baseball began the regular season last night, and my Seattle Mariners hung on to win a nail-biter of a game. Final score vs. Cleveland: 2 – 1. Nelson “Boom Stick” Cruz scored those two runs with an awesome homer in the first inning.

It was great to see, and having the sound system back in operation made it excellent to listen to. Felix Hernandez was the starting pitcher and made it through five innings. That was refreshing to see after that line drive he took to his arm back during spring training a few weeks ago.

Also, Ichiro Suzuki is back in Mariners blue and he garnered a massive standing ovation when he took the field. He is one player who has always been well-loved and respected by most Mariners fans. Even when he played for the Florida Marlins and was an opponent of ours last season, he was never booed or ridiculed like *Alex Rodriguez.

Bonus points to those of you who know what the asterisk is for.


Friday Comedy Skit

I caught this on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert the other night, and am still laughing over it. In the meantime, I’m going to join in on some in-game mischief and merriment. The Jester’s Festival is in full swing and I’ll have new screen-shots to post soon.

Happy Friday.


Full Frontal Thursday: Puerto Rico

In this installment of “Full Frontal Thursday,” Sam takes her crew to Puerto Rico to see how things have been since hurricane Maria wreaked havoc on that U. S. island. People are actually doing things to help others in their communities, not just talking about doing things.

One comment in one of the clips is hilarious: “If New York City was without power for a week, people would be eating each other.”

The episode was an hour long, so I picked the ten best clips from it.


Short Comedic Clip

I saw this the other night and am still laughing over it, so it was worthy of sharing.


Back In Business

Without spending anything extra, the music and movie experience has returned to our humble home.

Being a minimalist doesn’t mean owning nothing. It means being thrifty and frugal without compromising standards.

It is possible to own few items of high quality and still leave a small footprint.

All you have to do is maintain them properly. No need to buy something new every few months.

Quality items stand the test of time. Especially when they are treated with care, dignity, and respect.


Tuesday Tidbits: Comedy Clips

Here’s a small mish-mash of comedy bits from the past week. Laughter is the best medicine!


Friday Fun-Time…My Sweet Tooth! (Re-blogged)

No new “Last Week Tonight,” so I figured I’d re-blog this “Five on Friday” post instead.

It’s a Mercury Retrograde Monday!


Eyrie Of An Aries

Anyone who has REALLY read my blog for any length of time knows that I am a relatively healthy, active woman. I enjoy exercising and eating right, but I also have my own personal pleasures and mild indulgences from time to time! One of my favourite mottoes has always been “Everything in moderation…including moderation!” Thank you to the late, great, estimable, epic, phenomenal Maya Angelou for that quote; I’d been using it since junior high school, but learned that she was the originator of it, only a few years ago. Great Aries minds think alike at times, I’d say!

Anyway, this “Fun Friday Facts” post is about my sweet tooth and five of my favourite sugary treats, followed by three syrupy-sweet songs! Let’s get the ball rolling…

Lindt brand LINDOR truffles: they’re simply divine, in my estimation…I only like the milk chocolate, and one 75-piece bag will last me…

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One Song on Sunday

My week-long birthday celebration draws to a close. Here is a song by Pink Floyd to ring in my introduction to the world.

It is a fitting one.


What a Joke

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