That’s my word of the day. Some things are inevitable, even if they occur slowly. The wheels of justice turn at glacial movement at times. A bit of forward progress followed by regression. Movement which leaves indelible marks.

Criminal behavior, even that done covertly, can be discovered and rooted out. Those scumbags in California, for example, were finally imprisoned for the disgusting things they did to their own children. Each is being held on $12 million bail. I’m not surprised that they pled “not guilty.” Delusional people have the uncanny ability to justify their mindless, hateful, despicable actions.

If you know of a crime and do nothing about it, then you can be held responsible. This goes for cybercrimes as well.

I can’t wait to see the house of cards fall. I wonder who will go down with it, and how many others will collapse in turn.

It is inevitable.


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