‘Twilight Zone’ Mini-Marathon

How fitting. The SyFy network decided to do a mini-marathon of timely, pertinent Twilight Zone episodes for President’s Day.

This interesting pseudo-holiday here in the States was fairly new when I was a kid.

It used to be that Washington’s birthday and Lincoln’s birthday were distinctly separate holidays, but they were merged into the third Monday in February and labeled “President’s Day.”

Look it up sometime, but not on the interwebs. I recommend your local library, if you have one.

Go there, pick up a book, and read it.

Competitive Edge

Watching some of the events at the Olympics made me think of competitive edge. Anyone who has competed in a sport, and enjoyed it, knows the feeling.

All of those athletes got there through hard work, dedication, determination, and support from family and friends.

Do you think they would have gotten there if their supporters hindered them? Possibly, but it would have been a longer, harder road.

Stabbing someone in the back, steering someone the wrong way, or throwing someone under the bus isn’t helpful.

Cowards who are afraid of real competition seem to do that the most.

It’s funny that they think they’re better than the ones they sandbagged.

They’ve never been in a real competition with a real person, I’d wager.

Last Week Tonight: Drumpf vs. the World

I’ve missed “Last Week Tonight” and am glad that John Oliver is back with brand-new episodes.

In this first installment since November 2017, John takes a look at how America’s reputation worldwide has taken a major downturn since the orange-haired Commander-In-Cheat took over.

America isn’t perfect, but it is a damned sight better than some other countries: those shitholes of Italy, Australia, and Canuckistan, to name a few.


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