5 On Friday: Musical Favourites (Re-blogged)

This “5 On Friday” post from December 2017 has some great music, so here it is again to start the weekend off right.

Eyrie Of An Aries

The new year arrives 10 days from today.

I have updated, edited, and streamlined my ‘About’ page and ‘Comment Policy.’ This blog page will still be titled ‘sepultura13,’ but the tags of ‘Random Ramblings’ and ‘Myriad Musings’ appear to be overused and worn out. The new header for this blog will be revealed in the new year.

For this “5 on Friday” post I offer the songs which used to grace my ‘About’ page. There is one minor song change but I think that it will go unnoticed. Nobody really read the page to begin with. C’est la vie.


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