5 On Friday: Dank, Moist Nuggets

Cannabis. Marijuana. Mary Jane. Reefer. Sweet Leaf.

Whatever name you know it as, I am a consumer and aficionado of it. Like fine wine, prime sushi or any other decadent cuisine, it is to be enjoyed in moderation during certain times of the day or week.

Like any of my other enjoyable hobbies or pursuits other than computer gaming, there is no one selection or strain that is exclusively preferable. For this “Five On Friday” post, I offer up my five dank favourites in no particular order. Actually, doing it alphabetically should suffice.

Here they are:

Alaskan Thunder Fuck (ATF), B. B. #3, Bio-Diesel, Northern Wreck, and Purple Urkel.

I’m also a fan of Animal Cookies, Obama, Grandaddy Kush and Big Bull.


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