My Top 5 Posts – Personal Faves (Re-blogged)

Eyrie Of An Aries

I wanted to spotlight my own personal favourites when it comes to posts of mine that I’ve published to date. I seem to have been wasting my time when it came to re-blogging others, so it’s time to re-focus on myself and my writings, and get back to that shameless self-promotion!

First off, one of my side-hobbies is gaming. I enjoy one online game in particular; those who have been reading me from the beginning, or who know me personally, are aware that it is the phenomenon known as The Elder Scrolls Online. Some people, who have never played a video game of any sort, might think that I am an obsessive gamer. Those who actually play, however, consider me a ‘noob’ because I don’t spend every free second that I have on the game. It’s all about perspective, which many people appear to lack! At any rate, TESO…

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I Love It

Having a timely reminder handed to you when you most need it is awesome.

Especially when you weren’t looking for it, and didn’t expect it.

Some things happen when they need to. You can’t rush them or demand them.

They just happen, and they’re good.

It doesn’t get any better than that.


Tattoo Time

Finding the perfect tattoo artist takes a lot of time. I’ve been searching for 20 years, now!

This is why I’m not discouraged over not finding a publisher yet. It takes time to find someone who can appreciate your vision, just as it takes time to find someone who can make your body art come alive. I’ve only been researching publishers for three years, to date.

Besides, I now have three books completed and am not struggling for things to write about. I can write at leisure, not at a forced pace.

No complaints, here.


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