Commenting & Conversing

I enjoy talking with other people, believe it or not. Having a conversation with another, or a small group of people, can be an engaging and entertaining experience. I personally prefer in-person conversations done in “real time.”

From what I see in the blog-sphere, many people appear to enjoy disjointed, chaotic arguments with no coherent, cohesive message. The comment sections of some blogs are filled with off-topic spam, personal attacks on other commenters / bloggers, or the mindless slobbering of people who seem to be under the influence of one or more illicit substances.

I have my own blogging rules for myself, which I wrote about in a post on Friday, 13 October 2017. They remind me to remain calm and thoughtful during the rare times that I feel like leaving a comment on other blogs.

Responding to others on the blogs of others is a quagmire filled with arbitrary rules, especially when you take into account the various cliques, crowds, and mindless mobs which are prevalent on some. With that in mind, I plan on bringing certain conversations here to my eyrie where they can take place without the interruptions and interjections of people who feel the need to take sides on anything and everything.

Comments and conversations are always welcome. All I ask is that you think before you comment here.


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