Happy New Year!

Here it is, 1 January 2018. The new title of this blog is now in full view, and I find it very fitting!

When I started this blog it was the ‘random ramblings’ inspired by the ‘myriad musings’ which cross my mind. Much in my life has changed since that time, so a re-branding of sorts is long overdue. I also note that many other blogs use ‘rambling’ or ‘musing’ in their titles, and that makes it difficult to separate one person’s ramblings from another.

Obtaining a different vantage point in order to see things more clearly has been very beneficial. Hunters in the wild do this often. I enjoy watching an eagle or osprey sit patiently atop a tree as they survey the area for food, and they way they soar on the thermals is a beautiful sight.

Happy New Year – here’s to an even more productive and fulfilling 2018!


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