Full Moon Music

Tonight’s full moon is the second one in this month, making it a “Blue Moon.” There will be no full moon in February of this year; the last time this occurred was in 1999.

There is also a total lunar eclipse, which will be visible before the moon sets in the morning hours. People in the Midwestern USA, and as far west as Hawai’i, will be able to view this beautiful sight.

To mark this astronomical event, I offer up three moon-related songs for our collective auditory enjoyment. Go ahead – do some dancing in the moonlight.



Have you read the book, or seen the movie? Both are excellent.

The book was written by Stephen King between 1985 – 1987. It focuses on Paul Sheldon, a writer famous for Victorian-era romance novels involving the character of Misery Chastain. One day he is rescued from a car crash by crazed fan Annie Wilkes. Annie transports him to her house and, once finding out what he has done to Misery in his latest book, forces him to write a new book modifying the story – no matter what it takes.

The movie was released in 1990, starring Kathy Bates as Annie Wilkes and James Caan as Paul Sheldon. Superb acting by both made the movie worthwhile.

Some of us with celebrity status of any sort value our privacy. The deluded make it necessary, as evidenced in the book.

Psychotics and their enablers do no good service to anyone except themselves, if only for a time.

The survivors of Waco and those 13 young, abused prisoners in California might know what I’m talking about.

Misery loves company. That much is obvious.


Forging Forward (Re-blogged)

Keeping up a slow but steady forward momentum, since good things and good plans can’t be rushed.

I keep my own pace when seeing things through to fruition. It works!


Eyrie Of An Aries

I used to follow a blogger who crafts his own tools on a forge. I had mentioned on his YouTube page that my own family forge, complete with anvil and other tools, would be acquired but wasn’t certain of when. I guess he thought that I was lying simply because I didn’t have an exact timeline.

This coming Monday, 18 December, will see the forge and anvil placed here on our property. Hand-crafting knives and other weapons for cosplay can finally commence! Learning new things is always an exciting prospect, and I’ll finally have some awesome things to show off at the next gaming convention we attend.

Life rocks! My forward progression is gaining momentum, especially since getting rid of roadblocks and smoothing out the bumps in the tarmac.

When I say that I’m going to do something, you can guarantee that it will happen. When it happens is never…

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Friday Fun: Stick It Out

School days. We all have memories of those: good, bad, ugly and indifferent. Some went to crappy schools with shitty teachers. Some had decent schools with pretty cool teachers.

I was fortunate enough to have attended the latter, but I think most of us can agree that our fellow classmates, the other students, were the ones who made our daily life a hassle or joy. I dealt with a healthy mixture of both, which were combined with the always-memorable or the always-forgettable.

One kid I recall in particular was one I had to deal with when I was in kindergarten. We had twice-weekly morning “assemblies” which had all of us pupils, from K – 3, gathered in what passed for our auditorium and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. This was followed by one student choosing if we sung the National Anthem, God Bless America, or You’re A Grand Old Flag. I always preferred the last song and still know the lyrics of it to this day.

Anyway, during these assemblies, this kid – who I think might have been in 2nd or 3rd grade – would go out of his way to sit behind me. At various intervals, he would tap me on the shoulder. I would ignore him for a bit, but get annoyed and turn around after being tapped 10 times or more. When I did so, he would always stick his tongue out at me. Always. Without fail.

Whenever a person goes out of their way to get my attention, and then do their own version of sticking their tongue out at me, I have to chuckle. Any girl or woman who has had some dude go overboard to get your attention in some way knows that he likes you. He’s just too immature, awkward, or flat-out cowardly to come right out and say so. It’s akin to tying braided pigtails together, snapping a bra-strap, or doing some other silly thing to get noticed. Those of us with male siblings, whether they are older or younger, will see variations of this attention-seeking behavior depending on the age of the respective male and whose attention they are trying to capture.

My single song for today says it all. Go ahead – stick it out!


Full Frontal Thursday: The Apology Race

In this installment of “Full Frontal Thursday,” Sam drops some knowledge about Stephen Miller, the racist, obstructionist “Drumpf Whisperer.”

Also, her team of intrepid globe-trotters line up for “The Amazing Apology Race.” Ashley Nicole Black, Allana Harkin, Amy Hoggart and Mike Rubens travel worldwide attempting to apologize to citizens everywhere for the Drumpf’s douchebaggery.

BONUS CLIP: Conan O’Brien decided to visit the island nation of Haiti after the Drumpf’s latest, racist attack on any country consisting of a populace with skin darker than a manila envelope. Conan got an earful from some angry Haitians! At least he listened to them.

Mid-Week Music: Celebration Time! (Re-blogged)

Time for a re-blogged bit of mid-week music. We’re one week away from a full “Blue Moon” and a total lunar eclipse! Quite auspicious.

Eyrie Of An Aries

It’s time for a mid-week party! Why? For the sheer joy of it, of course – what better reason could there be? Enjoy these five celebratory songs, with a smile!


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Good Guest = Good Host

I’m sure that most of you out there have been invited to a party, gathering, or some other social function which takes place in the home of another. These differ from office parties or bar gatherings, as the participants are better-known acquaintances or close friends than are usually present in offices or bars.

When I’m invited somewhere, I like to bring a token of appreciation tailored to the host’s personal tastes. Food or drink of some sort is a fun thing. A gift card is a thoughtful thing as well, so the person can purchase what they wish, when they have the time.

When I have friends over, the only requirement is to be respectful of my home and everything in and around it. You don’t have to bring anything but yourself. An invitation means that you’re good people and can enjoy my hospitality.

That being said, if you show yourself to be a shitty guest, you won’t be invited back. I’ve learned that a shitty host tends to be a shitty guest in any given situation.

Shitty hosts make grand promises and talk about all the great things to expect at their party, but deliver nothing when you arrive. Instead, they expect you to entertain everyone else. They badmouth the guests who leave early, then bitch endlessly about how ungrateful people are.

These are some of the reasons why I changed my mind about wanting to meet any bloggers IRL. When I hit the road again, have no worries. I sure as hell won’t be stopping by.

Some people aren’t worth the time.


Drunk History Is Back!

I’m glad to see that show return with new episodes.

Now begins the wait for The Orville and Wrecked on TBS to return.

John Oliver won’t have new episodes airing until mid-February.

My other comedy relief continues to deliver, thankfully.

They make the daily goings-on in the news bearable.


Excerpt: Metamorphosis (Re-blogged)

Here’s a re-blog of a bit of my fan fiction. New excerpts are imminent.

Eyrie Of An Aries

*** Author’s Note: Here is another excerpt of my fiction, edited to keep this post short and sweet. ***

The moons shine softly in the glade, casting their light on the statue of the Forest Lord. Behind her, the portal flares brightly, then fades and winks out. Barefoot, she walks towards the statue, which seems to gleam with an inner luminescence of its own. This statue is identical to the one that she saw in the grove before entering the portal, but looks to have been freshly-carved in comparison to its slightly weathered, moss-and-lichen-encrusted twin.

Of course, she thinks to herself. This is the realm of the Forest Lord, under his control and timeline. I am…between worlds.

She stands before the stag-headed stone effigy and gazes for a long moment, taking in the primal grandeur. The powerful build of the demigod as he brandishes his spear; his wolf…

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What, When, Where, Who & Why

What: Super Bowl 52 (LII)

When: Sunday, 4 February 2018 @ 1530 PST

Where: U. S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Who: Philadelphia Eagles (NFC) vs. New England Patriots (AFC)

Why: Because sports. Because football. Because entertainment.

The game airs on NBC. The halftime show will suck arse.

The Eagles will soar.


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