The Sad Tale of Foxy-Sox (Re-blogged)

It is now New Year’s Eve eve! In light of that, here is a short tale which bears repeating before the drunken debauchery commences.

Yes, the pun is intended!


Eyrie Of An Aries

Foxy-Sox was the best-looking fox in the forest. From the time she was a kit, her father and mother had raved over her silky fur and beautiful, bushy tail. Because of all this attention, she grew quite vain. Every day, she would wander down to a stream or pond near the family den and stare at her reflection for hours. “I’m such a beautiful fox!” she would think to herself as she combed her fur and fluffed her tail. “Who wouldn’t want to be me?”

One day, Foxy went further from the den than usual, and came across a funny path: it had lots of planks of wood in rows, held down by two big, shiny things. Foxy looked closer, and could see her reflection in one of the shiny things – of course, she became enraptured by her own reflection. A loud noise broke her trance, and she jumped…

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