Sepultura’s Saturday Screen-Shots: Steampunk City!

Here’s a small selection of some of my most recent in-game screen-shots, as promised! In these images I’m exploring the new, steampunk-styled land of The Elder Scrolls Online, the awesome game that I enjoy playing. I’ll be live-streaming some gameplay later on this evening, so tune in to my Twitch channel if you’re awake, grab a drink and a snack, and watch the fun!


Sampling a freshly-made batch of the old crone’s brew.

Flame-inspired meditation in the forest…very relaxing.

A new tree has sprung up in the garden of the grand manor…

It is certainly an interesting addition!

The entrance to the city of cogs and gears.

What the…? I’m shrinking!

Facing off against an army of automatons…

There – that should take care of them!

The new scenery is fascinating, and quite pleasing to the eye.

New quests and adventures await the intrepid explorer!

Paying due homage to the Mad God, with offerings of meat pies and cheese. Will he heed my humble request?

A friendly crow delivers a personal, welcome message…

Yes – success! Sheer perfection.

No Soliciting

I’m going to add this to my comment policy: “If you have something to sell, then keep it on your sales site which is masquerading as a blog.

I know what I want to buy and where to purchase it.

Your unwanted solicitations reek of desperation – especially when you’re making plenty of money with your site.

I helped promote your site for two years, but you couldn’t see past your own ego to acknowledge this. You still can’t, apparently.

I’m not surprised.


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