I’m Loving “The Orville!”

It’s a great show. You should check it out sometime! Especially the most recent episode, titled “Majority Rule.”

Who would’ve thought that Seth MacFarlane could be behind a show that didn’t rely on racist stereotypes to gain an audience? Fascinating…


Full Frontal Thursday: John Kelly, Gun Loopholes, & Voting Machines

In this installment of “Full Frontal Thursday,” Samantha reveals what many of us already knew about John KKKelly. Basically, he isn’t the fair-minded “adult in the room” that he pretended to be when he first landed on the scene!

Sam also discusses the “Boyfriend Loophole,” which is one of those interesting gun laws that few people are aware of, but read about the end results of same on a regular basis. Don’t miss the special “ThunderCub” patch she awards to Ames Mayfield, a kid who was kicked out of his Scout troop for standing up to a senator who was backing down on gun legislation.

Finally, she sits down with a dreamy-looking nerd who explains how voting machines, like anything else hooked up to the internet, are susceptible to being hacked.

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