Tuesday Tidbits: Random Musings

I had a few thoughts rattling around and decided to “put them to paper,” more or less!


* Co-dependent enablers aren’t part of the solution. They represent once facet of a large problem, and should be considered just as culpable in the same wrongdoings of those whom they enable.

* Online social groups have their pros and cons. One of the biggest issues surrounding them are the number of phony accounts and profiles on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WordPress, or any and every online game out there. Knowing how to identify those fake profiles is a learned skill, much like riding a bicycle, throwing darts, or playing Texas Hold ‘Em.

* I don’t have fake tits, fake hair, a fake ass, or a fake face. I refuse to pay for fake stats and don’t need fake friends. I have no ulterior motives: what you see and read is what you get, and it is honest. I have nothing to prove to anyone except myself.

* If I have something to say to you, you can guarantee that I will say it directly to you. I don’t need to bring an audience to a private, personal conversation.

Finally, a poll:

That’s it for now – time for a bit of gaming!

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