I Swear…

…because I’m an adult. I use adult language once in a while, but not in a gratuitous fashion. That being said: FUCK TRUMP.

Deal with it.


Bait & Switch…

…is a reprehensible practice and tactic. It’s the oldest trick in the book, most likely coinciding with the world’s oldest profession. It amazes me how many people fall for it on a daily basis – and if you try to tell them that they’re being conned, they will call you a liar. Fascinating, no?


Political Mash-Up: Hurricanes, North Korea, and Nuclear Waste

I just wanted to post a few things to think about on this Thursday, courtesy of YouTube! Harvey has left devastation in its wake, and now Irma is barreling down the Hurricane Highway. With a good number of Superfund sites being located in Texas, as well as the chemical plants now burning down that way, I figured that revisiting the topic of nuclear waste isn’t too farfetched.

Oh, and there’s still an investigation going on regarding Drumpf’s connections and collusions with Russia – but you won’t hear about it on the FauxNews Network!


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