Mid-Week Moon Memes!

The skies have been overcast for the past three days now, but not a drop of rain has fallen from the dusty-looking clouds. With all of the wildfires burning here in the West, we could use a bit of precipitation!

The moon was full last night, and will be so again tonight, but I don’t get to see it this time around. Hopefully the next full phase will occur during clear skies. In the meantime, enjoy these moon-related memes and bit of music!


HISTORY: Rosa Parks House in Berlin Returns Home to America


Ryan Mendoza, an American artist, in front of the exhibit he made in Berlin of the Rosa Parks house. (photo: Gordon Welters/NY TIMES)

by Yonette Joseph via nytimes.com

LONDON β€” In a backyard in Berlin, a ramshackle house that was once a haven for the civil rights pioneer Rosa Parks is preparing for its third life β€” back in the United States. It had almost been lost to history, falling into blight, abuse and foreclosure, in Detroit. But in 2016, the American artist Ryan Mendoza shipped the dismantled facade in two containers to his home in Germany. There, it was restored as an art exhibit in his garden in the Wedding neighborhood.

Then the strange and itinerant journey of the wood-frame house took another turn recently, when a member of the Nash Family Foundation, based in Manitowoc, Wis., formally agreed to pay for its passage back.β€œI never wanted to…

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