Faith No More Friday (Re-blogged)

I’m scheduling a few posts for weekend auto-publishing in order to get caught up on some in-game achievements, so enjoy this re-blog of “Faith No More Friday!” Good music is always worthwhile.


Eyrie Of An Aries


Baseball will be distracting me this weekend and I’m working on another fan fiction post, as well as a post about a letter I sent to ESO about some of the in-game irritations – you’re going to laugh at the non-answer I received; I know that I did!

Other people who use WordPress probably look at their site statistics from time to time. Ever notice how some people seem to be determined to click obsessively on ancient posts, just to put some picture in your “top clicks?” It seems desperate, in a way…I suppose it’s just another form of trolling. Some trolls just HATE being ignored, don’t they? Too bad! I said it in my ‘About’ page, I mention it in my ‘Comments / Open Thread’ page, and I’ll reiterate it here: THIS. IS. A. TROLL-FREE. ZONE. NO. FUCKING. TROLLS. ALLOWED! I had thought that it would…

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