Full Frontal Thursday: 19 July 2017 Edition (Re-blogged)

I appears as if Full Frontal is on vacation until the middle of September, so this post from July was worthy of a re-blog.


Eyrie Of An Aries

In this newest installment of “Full Frontal” Thursday, Ms. Bee talks about the Drumpf’s so-called “Voter Integrity” Commission, Congressman Louie Gohmert’s free-style “history” lesson, and urges those who want to impeach the Drumpf to do more than just carry signs and chant!


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  1. sepultura13
    Aug 31, 2017 @ 14:25:04

    “Samantha Bee for president”

    You keep repeating this – perhaps you should contact her and apply to be her campaign manager! I’m certain that you’re more than qualified for the job.


    She may be Canadian though. How come they have all the best politicians?

    Pure comedy!


  2. sepultura13
    Aug 31, 2017 @ 14:23:19

    “The difference is, he is so much smarter than dump, because he had insight.”

    Well, a fictional character is only blessed or cursed with whichever attributes their creator chose for them! I compare Baby-Hands McDrumpf with other living, breathing people, personally.


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