For All of the Comic-Con Fans… ***UPDATED*** (Re-blogged)

San Diego Comic-Con International will be wrapping up this year’s event by Monday. I would have liked to attend, but the budget didn’t allow for any major excursions. I’ll just start saving up funds, get my cosplay gear ready, and do a convention-related tour in 2020!


Eyrie Of An Aries


…if you’re lucky enough to have attended Comic-Con in Toronto recently, or are currently in San Diego enjoying the madness, this is for you! Enjoy…



***UPDATED SUNDAY, 12 JULY 2015***


Last, but certainly not least, honourable mention to Congressman John Lewis, who was at SDCC promoting his graphic novel trilogy, March. From Tech Times:

In 1956, a comic book changed John Lewis’s life. It was a ten cent, 14-page floppy that told the story of Martin Luther King’s march on Montgomery. 

“The Martin Luther King story inspired me,” explains the congressman, telling a story he’s no doubt recounted countless times over the past few years. “It told me what happened and how it happened in Montgomery, the involvement of Rosa Parks and hundreds of people. This little book, 14 pages, sold for ten cents and became the blueprint…

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