Saturday Scenery: More o’ Morrowind! (Re-blogged)

Enjoy this re-blog of some in-game scenery…I’m applying the finishing touches on my posts for the upcoming week!


Eyrie Of An Aries

I just wanted to share a few more screen-shots of the scenery and landscape that I see as I explore new lands…enjoy!

Shrine to the Goddess of Dawn and Dusk.

Another audience with the ‚ÄúLiving God.‚ÄĚ

Lava and creatures of fire abound…

…as do serene, scenic coastal pathways.

A mysterious moonlet hangs in the sky…

…a fragment cast from the distant volcano, perhaps?

The multi-tiered city is uniquely constructed.

Ancestral tombs dot the landscape…

…you can take rubbings for historic reference. Impress your fellow lore-masters!

An intrepid explorer…

…tinkers with a subterranean pipe-organ.

There are many fantastic sights to see in these new lands…the adventure continues!

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