Midweek Memes & Music: Salty Gamer Edition! (Re-blogged)

Gaming is on the agenda this weekend, so enjoy this re-blog of mine! Broadcasting works perfectly from what I see, and I’m getting decent feedback about it from friends IRL. Time to start test-recording some sessions on my YouTube page, I’d say!


Eyrie Of An Aries

LOL – I got involved in some salty gamer-talk over the past couple of days, so I figured that today was the perfect time to do a quick post about it! Don’t worry, my short-story excerpts are ready for publishing and will be posted soon. I’m just prepping for my upcoming zerg-ball run for one of the grand, in-game titles! I need a few more achievements under my belt, and rubbing oneself with a bit of salt beforehand helps develop a thick skin. Blogging is the other exercise, obviously! Also, enjoy my musical selections which follow a preview of the upcoming new chapter in the best online game ever. Early access FTW!


Before the music, the new promotional trailer for The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind!

…and now, the tunes for salty gamers – the love / hate is real!

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