Happy Earth Day

Today marks Earth Day, the one day per year in which many people pretend to care about the home that we all share: our beautiful planet Earth. There is apparently a “March for Science” going on in Washington, D. C. – throngs of people littering the streets with themselves and their Unicorn Frappuccinos as they make certain to take endless selfies to show everyone how “aware” they are.

If you treat every day as if it were Earth Day, then you would be moved to action, even if only in the smallest means, and that action doesn’t include posting on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Doing something for our planet doesn’t involve self-absorbed narcissism!

I always maintain that being part of the solution is much better than being part of the problem. Little things like “reduce, reuse, recycle” are important to incorporate in daily life. Instead of always deciding between “paper or plastic” at the grocery store, why not bring your own, reusable shopping bags?

Bees are rapidly becoming endangered, and that means our food supply is threatened. Why not plant bee-friendly herbs, shrubs, and trees wherever possible? Spend a day at an apiary, if possible – learn what you can about those marvelous little critters upon whom so much depends.

When’s the last time you volunteered at a local outdoor cleanup activity which wasn’t driven by politics or making yourself look good amongst your office or personal circle? When did you do something good for our planet, simply because it needs to be done?

This planet is our home. It’s the only one we have, for the far foreseeable future, so we are responsible for its health and well-being as surely as we are our own. We cannot be parasites – we need symbiosis!

That’s my small, soapbox oration for today. I did a little bit of beach cleanup yesterday, since the weather was perfect for it! It always feels good to DO good. My “deer” friend, Spot, just hopped over the fence and headed to the backyard, so Mother Nature is already paying me a visit and saying “thank you!” With that, please enjoy the five songs which, to me, always symbolize Earth Day.

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