The Elder Scrolls Online: 3 Years! * Re-posted *

The Elder Scrolls Online is having a “free-play,” week-long event to celebrate the 3-year anniversary of its launching. I figured that this recent post of mine was worth the re-blog!

If you wish to try it out, I recommend downloading the game as soon as possible; instructions are provided in the link. Some download times will be longer than others, depending on your global location, internet speed, and computer power. Also, the North American (NA) server is preferred by many players, including yours truly. I hope to see you around the glorious world of Tamriel…if only for a brief, shining moment!


Eyrie Of An Aries

I can hardly believe that it has now been three years since I began playing the MMO known as The Elder Scrolls Online. It officially launched on 4 April 2014, and has evolved and changed exponentially from that date! Some of we obsessive…uh, DEDICATED! Yeah, that’s it, dedicated gamers – we did something called “pre-ordering” which allowed for an extra week of play before the unwashed masses hurled themselves into the world of Tamriel. Pre-ordering gave exclusive collector’s items (in-game and out), special pets, and a unique mount as a reward at the end of the first year. Of course, extra gaming time was had by those of us who applied for the chance to do some “beta-testing” – that’s where you play the game on a special test server and report any bugs, as the game developers are using that to work out major issues before the…

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