Final Friday Fun Facts: 31 March 2017

This is an “official” final Friday, where the last day of a given month falls on a Friday! My five fun facts for today involve my first love: music, and my favourite radio DJs who make it come alive.

SiriusXM(R) Satellite Radio is what I listen to; yes, I have a lifetime subscription. Some things are worth paying for, and the saying is true: “You get what you pay for!” I love it for multiple reasons, the main one being how necessary it is when travelling cross-country. Only with satellite radio can you enjoy the music of your choice, instead of being driven batty by local radio stations and the limited crap they push out. Nothing but cows mooing and spittoons ringing from stations in Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana. Nothing but bible-thumping hypocrites on stations in the Dakotas, Nebraska, and Missouri. Or, on those long stretches of road in Nevada, nothing but static! With satellite radio, you take all of your music with you to be enjoyed anywhere, at any time.

The portable control panel can be anywhere: your home or an outdoor shop; in your car, or even on your motorcycle. We have 10 stations programmed and can switch them at the touch of a button – but, there are literally hundreds of stations to choose from! For those people who only want to hear people jaw on and on about nothing, there are talk-radio stations. For the person obsessed with sports, there are sports-related stations. There are apparently even (GAG) porn stations for people who want to hear the contrived moans and groans of people being paid to simulate sexual activity. Yep, there’s something for everyone on satellite radio!

I listen to many different stations, some more than others, but I have a few favourite DJs whom I love hearing more than others! Here are my top five, along with the respective station that I listen to them on:

1. Earle Bailey – Deep Tracks: He’s on top of the list because he plays the variety of music that I like. He doesn’t limit himself and plays a bit of everything on any given day. His show runs on weekdays from 0900 to 1600 (PDT), and for one of those hours he does his “Daily Bailey Head-trip” in which he plays songs with a specific theme. I’m most likely to hear at least one Frank Zappa song when Earle is on the air, which certainly makes him the most versatile and eclectic DJ on my list!

2. Pat McKay – The Joint: I hear Pat’s soulful, soothing voice on “Marley Mondays.” Every hour, on the hour, a great Bob Marley song is played, but those songs aren’t just limited to hourly offerings! I get my reggae fix on this day, which is the way I start my week off. It’s also nice to hear a bit of reggae after I’ve gotten my blues fix on Sunday; makes each day flow into the next in a smooth, relaxing fashion.

3. Luc Carl – Ozzy’s Boneyard: The self-proclaimed “Ayatollah of Jack & Cola” is always upbeat and entertaining, playing all of the metal that I thrash to on Thursdays! He plays all sorts of hard-rocking songs, from AC/DC to ZZ Top, and everything in between. Of course, the Boneyard wouldn’t be complete without some classic Black Sabbath, stuff from Ozzy Osbourne himself, and of course, tour dates of whichever metal bands are touring at any given time. He’s also a fan of sports, and lets his listeners know when certain basketball, baseball, or football teams are playing – college or pro! His sign-off at the end of his show always gets me giggling, too…you’ll just have to listen to his show sometime to hear it yourself. I don’t do spoilers, LOL!

4. Jim Ladd – Deep Tracks: From “high in the Hollywood Hills,” Jim Ladd picks up where Earle Bailey leaves off. He’s most likely to start off with a selection from AC/DC, then toss on some U2, Jimi Hendrix, Cars, Rush, and a bit of ZZ Top before slowing things up with something by Fleetwood Mac or Dido. He’s also fairly well-rounded with his musical choices, and like Earle Bailey, he will have an interesting story or anecdote about some of the songs or background history of the bands. He’s solid gold, in my not-so-humble opinion!

5. Keith Roth – Ozzy’s Boneyard: Keith plays an awesome selection of tunes and is a lot of fun to listen to. The only reason he’s last on the list is because he loves “Uncle” Turd Nugent just a little bit too much! Letting people know your political leanings is all well and good, but pretending to not understand why “the Nuge” is a waste of air, space, and skin is mildly annoying. Other than that, he’s almost as funny and engaging as his colleague, Luc Carl – still worth listening to, as far as I’m concerned!

I’m working on a proper post for tomorrow, putting the finishing touches on the next excerpt from my NaNoWriMo short fiction, and getting ready to watch the latest live broadcast from Bethesda studios before jumping into my game for some more merry mischief-making! With that, here are three radio-related songs to get the weekend started off right. I think that it’s been a while since I last played these songs, so I’m fairly certain that I’m in no danger of being redundant! Have a wonderful weekend, all…now, get up and dance!


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  1. sepultura13
    Apr 01, 2017 @ 16:11:54

    I didn’t play anything by Otis Redding, so I’m not sure what you’re talking about. I agree, though, that his voice is wonderful to listen to.

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