Some Thoughts For Thursday: 16 March 2017

There are disgusting versions of Baby-Hands McDrumpf all over the world, sadly. People who spout hate-filled rhetoric, spewing their vile dreck on every platform, going as far as using the bait-and-switch technique of “hey, look at this topic about hunting and camping” and then “cleverly” tossing in some thinly-veiled, bull-headed, supremacist nonsense. Their spoon-served shit is eagerly devoured by people who fear and hate those of us who A) aren’t white, and B) don’t ascribe to Judeo-Christian “values,” whatever those are. Being a proud pagan, I view ALL “organized” religions with a critical eye. Anything that is designed to control others should be looked at critically, don’t you think? Unfortunately, the interwebs make it easier for simple-minded fools to congregate and shout each other down in echo-chambers. That is the main, but not sole, reason I’m not on Facebook, Twitter, and other sites like that.

At any rate, Samantha Bee and John Oliver keep things real and in perspective, as always! It’s nice to be able to hear some sense being spoken, in the midst of the chaotic cacophony that others choose to engage in. They spend endless amounts of time arguing about minutiae…but get nothing of value done.

Extreme Weather: Storm Chaser Photography

Storm-chasing…I’ve done a tiny bit of it, here and there, but nothing compared to what this guy has done! Sheer, breath-taking magnificence…


Jonas Piontek is a talented self-taught photographer, travel enthusiast, student and storm chaser from Grünberg, Hessen who currently based in Lich, Hesse, Germany.

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