Friday Fun: Club Vogue Edition

Happy Friday, everyone! This “Five On Friday” post shines a little light on one of the best clubs that I used to go to in Seattle, Club Vogue.

Thursday nights were always fun: no cover charge for women on “Ladies Night,” and the guys were more than generous with buying drinks! DJ “Dark Justice” was the king of emcees, holding court in the music-booth and blasting an awesome mix of music. Local bands such as Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Mother Love Bone, and Pearl Jam would appear from time to time and give their loyal, local fans free shows – I still have Eddie Vedder’s autograph!

There was always some wild and crazy stuff playing on the projection-screen behind one of the stages: anime such as Speed Racer and Robotech; MTV shows which were popular at the time, like Aeon Flux and The Maxx, footage of people surfing, skydiving, or parasailing, and even full-length movies.

Being a regular at a club, one can get a bit of a “following” of people who like your dancing style and the clothes that you wear, so sitting alone or being a wallflower wasn’t an option! That’s one thing I miss about that club: all you had to do was show up, and you were immediately a part of a big, eccentric, wonderful family. Making friends and acquaintances at Club Vogue, then, was easier than getting people to read my blog is, now! It was nice to just be myself, dancing with sheer abandon, with no worries of judgmental assholes looking to pick you apart for imagined slights. Being harassed was never an issue, either, as the owners had a zero-tolerance policy for that crap: anyone who walked in wearing nazi regalia and / or spouting racist, sexist shit would be turned away pretty quickly!

Ah, Club Vogue…those were some incredibly fun times! On that note, here are five songs that remind me of that long-gone venue.


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