Midweek Musings: International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day, and March is Women’s History Month. What, if anything, do these observances mean to myself and other women around the world? It depends on who you ask, where that person resides, and what their perspectives and experiences are. When I talk with others, I look for common ground and relatable experiences to initiate dialogue. Then, if I find a difference in personal experiences between myself and another, I ask questions in an attempt to learn about and understand that person’s unique experiences. The funny thing about this is, even the most basic questions that I ask of others never really get answered! This makes it difficult to know where another person is coming from, and makes it virtually impossible to meet them halfway with anything.

These hiccups in communication mostly occur in online interactions, especially when there are differences in language and culture. Mistakes in translation can create unintended offense on both ends. This is why I prefer speaking with others face-to-face: it’s easier to gauge the veracity and intent of the person with whom I’m speaking, and enables one to clear up any misunderstandings right away!

What does this observation have to do with International Women’s Day, you might ask? Plenty. After all, I am one woman in this big world. Therefore, my observations, experiences and perspectives are just as important on this day as that of any other real, genuine, XX-chromosome-bearing woman. International Women’s Day, and Women’s History Month, still seem more tailored for the Euro-centric and Anglo-identifying ones. Inclusion is still lacking, from what I see – but, that’s just my perspective!


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