Monday Music: March Came In Like A…

So, the old saying goes that “March roars in like a lion, and goes out like a lamb.” I suppose that’s true for much of the country, but here in my particular part of the Pacific Northwest, it came in like a lamb. That being said, the weekend weather was interesting, to say the least! A bit of thunder and lightning rolled through on Saturday, combined with flurries of hail, a bit of rain, and then some snow. It was snowing about a half-hour ago, and the forecast indicates that snow is possible through the end of the week. Old Man Winter is clinging on for dear life with his deathly-cold grip – but, winter’s end is nigh! The Vernal Equinox approaches, as does Ostara. In celebratory anticipation of the oncoming change of the seasons, here’s a bit of music for this Monday. I made my selections as random as the current weather patterns are…can you tell? Later, ‘gators!

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