Michelle Obama Surprises High School Students in D.C., Talks Struggles and Life Goals for Two Hours

This. Right here. An honest, genuine lady! She continues to impress, inspire, and educate. We could certainly use more role models of her caliber!



Former first lady Michelle Obama speaking with D.C. students (photo via washingtonpost.com)

article by Perry Stein via washingtonpost.com

When former first lady Michelle Obama walked into a D.C. high school classroom, the stunned students erupted in tears. One student even darted out of the classroom to regain her composure before she could sit next to her. Obama, who still lives in Washington, made a surprise visit Tuesday to Ballou STAY High School to speak with 14 students for two hours.

Upon arriving, she hugged each of them before taking her seat in the circle. “Once she came in, it was an inspirational feeling,” said Alliyah Williams, 18. “She was so sweet and warm. She was like a mom.”

[Watch Michelle Obama crash these D.C. classrooms and surprise students.]

After visiting the public alternative high school in Southeast Washington, she tweeted “Always love visiting DC schools. Thank you for…

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Monday Music: March Came In Like A…

So, the old saying goes that “March roars in like a lion, and goes out like a lamb.” I suppose that’s true for much of the country, but here in my particular part of the Pacific Northwest, it came in like a lamb. That being said, the weekend weather was interesting, to say the least! A bit of thunder and lightning rolled through on Saturday, combined with flurries of hail, a bit of rain, and then some snow. It was snowing about a half-hour ago, and the forecast indicates that snow is possible through the end of the week. Old Man Winter is clinging on for dear life with his deathly-cold grip – but, winter’s end is nigh! The Vernal Equinox approaches, as does Ostara. In celebratory anticipation of the oncoming change of the seasons, here’s a bit of music for this Monday. I made my selections as random as the current weather patterns are…can you tell? Later, ‘gators!

Monday Memes: Y U Offended, Bro?!?

This post picks up where yesterday’s post left off…enjoy! Don’t laugh too hard, now…I dare ya! No, I TRIPLE-dog-dare ya…whatever you do, DON’T LAUGH! Laughing at any of these pictures or memes is STRICTLY VERBOTEN!!! In other words, lighten the fuck up already!

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