Friday Fun-Time…My Sweet Tooth!

Anyone who has REALLY read my blog for any length of time knows that I am a relatively healthy, active woman. I enjoy exercising and eating right, but I also have my own personal pleasures and mild indulgences from time to time! One of my favourite mottoes has always been “Everything in moderation…including moderation!” Thank you to the late, great, estimable, epic, phenomenal Maya Angelou for that quote; I’d been using it since junior high school, but learned that she was the originator of it, only a few years ago. Great Aries minds think alike at times, I’d say!

Anyway, this “Fun Friday Facts” post is about my sweet tooth and five of my favourite sugary treats, followed by three syrupy-sweet songs! Let’s get the ball rolling…

Lindt brand LINDOR truffles: they’re simply divine, in my estimation…I only like the milk chocolate, and one 75-piece bag will last me for more than a year. I don’t need to eat one per day; I also savour every bit whenever I eat one. I tend to freeze them, so I will take one out of the freezer and let it get to room temperature before I eat it. I like my chocolate melty!

Swiss Colony Petit Fours: I’ve adored these little cakes since I was a kid! I recall the first time a Swiss Colony package was sent to my family by an aunt and uncle who had an orchard with peach, cherry, and apple trees and they made quite a bit of money doing so, and they sent lavish gifts around the Thanksgivoween / Hanukkwanzaayule seasons. The chocolate torte was nice, but a bit dry by the time we received it – deliveries to Alaska left much to be desired, back then. Anyway, the petit fours were always fresher than the tortes, and quickly became a favourite. A 24-piece box will be gone by the first of the year, LOL – they’re the hardest to stay away from!

Ferrara chocolate oranges: those are an annual treat! I buy one around the solstice, and eat one or two segments here and there between 21 December – 1 January. After that, I freeze what remains and have one or two segments on days that I don’t have a truffle. I still have about a quarter of an ‘orange’ left over from 2016…like I said, I savor my treats!

Horehound candy: I don’t know why, but I like it and always have! Our fifth-grade teacher handed them out as a treat in school one day, and I fell in love with the interesting taste of that sugar-crusted dark droplet of goodness. I buy one small bag per year, and have a piece when I feel like it – and right now is as good a time as any!

Moonstruck chocolates: my faves are the Irish Cream truffle, and the Wild Huckleberry truffle…milk chocolate, of course! I only get Moonstruck when I’m in Seattle or Vancouver, WA, and only get a 4-piece box. They are delicious!

There’s my top five favourite sweets…now, as promised, ooey-gooey music to start the weekend off right! Later, ‘gators…


Last Week Tonight: 26 February 2017 Edition

Time for another edition of “Last Week Tonight” – enjoy!


Holler Blues~

I love jay birds…the smallest members of the family Corvidae. Cindy captured this friendly little guy perfectly!

All Holler critters are ecstatic drought is done!
California Scrub Jay is normally quite shy.
But winter drought seed shortages,
draw him close for Holler hand-outs!
Giving us an up-close glimpse,
of happy winter blues!
Cheers to you from The Hollerโ€™s joyful jays~

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