Whites still make up 90% of Brazilian advertising, but three recent commercials featuring Afro-Brazilians provide a glimmer of hope for racial diversity

Hope springs eternal…fair representation just might be a reality in my lifetime!

Black Women of Brazil


Note from BW of Brazil: One post (among many) revealed a fact that is quite shocking: “In Brazilian advertising, more than 90% of the protagonists continue to be white.” Anyone who has taken time to analyze commercials (as well as programs) on Brazil’s television stations from the racial perspective could tell you this. It’s really not that hard to see. Anyone who has visited Brazil  will surely not see the country as a majority white nation (well, maybe if they visited the southern region of the country), but that’s not the idea one would get from the media. Nothing new here.

6 Recent C&A commercial for the Verão Misturado campaign

After, didn’t I tell you that “black women account for only 1% of the protagonists in Brazil’s TV commercials”? Or that there exists a fear “that white women won’t buy a product if the girl in the ad…

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