Monday Musings: Review of an Interview

I re-read this, and decided to repost it for my “Mid-week Musings!”

I still maintain that the best way to ensure a good blogger-to-blogger interview, is to ACTUALLY READ THE BLOG of the person that you plan on interviewing. It’s obvious, yes?

Eyrie Of An Aries

Ah, interviews! Pretty much anyone of job-seeking age has gone through an interview of some sort, whether it’s a job interview, a pre-application review for a school or college, interviewing for a club membership, or interviewing with a military recruiter after taking the ASVAB. Those are mainly formal and/or professional interviews, which always have a certain format and tone, and certain expectations are of higher demand from the interviewer and the interviewee. The resume is what the interviewer uses to glean information about the applicant, while also having a formulaic list of pre-written questions. The interviewee has the added expectation of researching the company or organization he or she is applying to, and is questioned on the applicant’s knowledge of same. This is usually to determine if the applicant is truly interested in being an employee or member.

Another type of interview is the casual, informal one generally seen on…

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