“Bonecas Pretas” (black dolls) video by Bahian singer Larissa Luz gives voice to the rising demand for black representation in the toy market

Saturday spotlight: Little-discussed topics, pertinent to those of us who are under-represented. Perfect post for Black History Month!

Black Women of Brazil


Note from BW of Brazil: The struggle continues…and voices demanding change, equality and representation also continue to grow! The fact that I have documented for the past five years is that black Brazilians are extremely under-represented in countless areas of Brazilian society. The media is a near complete whitewash. Politics is the home of white supremacy in which very few black aspiring politicians manage to enter the game. The toy market is yet another area in which more and more black voices are calling for more representation. If any of us care to think about it, very few of us can remember having had the opportunity to play with black dolls. In the world of the child’s imagination, how is a black child supposed to dream of seeing him or herself in the place of the superhero action figure or model doll when the overwhelming majority of…

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