These are beautiful! The sunset lighting adds the perfect touch of gold.

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There was a cloud bank blocking the sunset to the west. However, I could see a narrow slit along the very bottom of this bank.I knew the sun would explode through this gap. Think of venation blinds with one or two slats at the bottom taken out.

I went over to visit with Romeo/Juliette & waited for the show to start.

Many times I just shut the engine off & wait for the light.As long as I can see that it will shine forth,I don’t mind waiting.Gives me a chance to observe whats going on around me.It’s all because of the cloud formation.I look at the live Satellite feed before going out every time.Understanding the cloud stream is critical for my photography!

The sun did come through as I suspected & painted the landscape in a most surreal light!

I love these moments! They only last minutes,so I’m always mindful…

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  1. acflory
    Feb 09, 2017 @ 15:42:56

    The Golden Hour, even if it lasts for just minutes. Beautiful.

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