New Moon Friday; Lunar New Year 2017

There is a new moon today, which means that the Lunar New Year has commenced! The first day of the Lunar New Year is celebrated on the first New Moon between 21 January and 20 February, at least on the Gregorian calendar. Since the new year starts on a different date each year, those interested in Chinese astrology, when born in January or February, need to check a bit closer when it comes to the year they were born for accuracy.

This holiday is celebrated in some Asian countries: China, Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, and Vietnam, to name a few. Since it is already Saturday in those parts of the world, I don’t think that I’m too early in wishing everyone a happy Lunar New Year. Ring in the Year of the Fire Rooster (or Cock, if you’re anal about words)!

The Super Bowl is a week from Saturday; the contenders are the Atlanta Falcons vs. the New England Patriots, and I know who I’m supporting and rooting for! I know, I know: the Patriots are apparently favoured to win by three points, but the Falcons have shown that they have a damned good defensive and offensive line, so they could give the Patriots the beat-down that they so richly deserve! The best thing about the Super Bowl is, it means that Spring Training is just around the corner, as is the Vernal Equinox. The days are slowly getting longer and Winter’s grasp will begin to loosen up. It might not seem like that right now, especially in some parts of the country, but it will…slowly, but surely!

Well, it’s Friday – I think that merits a few memes of the dank, mindless variety, accompanied by some music! If you’re still stuck at work, you should at least have a decent afternoon as you head into the weekend, no? I’m going to get back to some performance tests of my computer – I hope to be able to do some proper editing of some YouTube junk, for the first time in nearly a year. Later, ‘gators!

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