Well, the day has arrived. Here in the states, some groups of people are elated. They give their ‘white-power’ salutes as they goose-step along, waving their confederate flags and nazi banners, screaming “Sieg Heil!” and “Heil Drumpf!” They are tickled pinker than they already are, now that their “chosen one” has been sworn in. I’m surprised that the bible didn’t burst into flames and turn into a heap of ashes when the tiny, baby-like hand of the illegitimate one was placed on it.

My thoughts on this matter haven’t changed one iota. I will give that thing the same respect and honour that he and the Rethuglikkkans gave President Obama. I will treat him the same way that his supporters treated Hillary and the entire Obama family. He will get all of the support from me that he’s earned: ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NONE. It’s going to be a very long four years…I’m happy for the comedians, though; they will impart a bit of sanity during these dreadful times, and keep me laughing instead of vomiting with rage. I’m sure that there will be plenty to rage about, soon enough! Speaking of rage, I wonder if Samantha Bee is selling those “Thunder Cunt” t-shirts on her website? I seriously want one! It’s a shirt that I could wear with pride, certainly more so than some boring-ass “Feminist” shirt. If I’m going to be called names and ridiculed for speaking out against racism and injustice, then I might as well wear a badge of honour!

Now that I got that out of my system, it’s Friday. I feel like playing some pertinent, timely music. When words fail me, music, or quotes tend to do the trick. Besides, some people just aren’t worth wasting many words on – especially when they’re incapable of understanding and comprehending those words.


The similarities are striking – the Drumpf also says that Black people and Muslims are “the scourge of the country.” And we’re supposed to be all right with that?!?

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