Meet 12 YouTubers who are empowering black Brazilian women on the internet

It’s nice to see others out there giving a voice to, and putting a spotlight on, the underrepresented issues that many of us still face in this day and age. Kudos to these hard-working, inspiring young ladies!

Black Women of Brazil


Note from BW of Brazil: You gotta admit it. YouTube has opened up a flood of opportunities for common, everyday people that simply weren’t possible just over a decade ago. Thanks to this ingenious website, people are becoming famous almost overnight by displaying whatever it is that they do best. We’ve singers blow up and earn recording contracts and endorsement deals because of YouTube. We’ve seen people appear on nationally televised TV programs after earning a loyal following on YouTube. We’ve seen women parlay their leading roles on YouTube into the release of a brand of lipstick specifically for black women. Indeed, YouTube has become a true starmaker! To be truthful, I spend far more time searching this video-sharing website than watching television as I find exactly what I want to watch there as opposed to the garbage that free and paid TV offers on a…

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