Ellis Island – 125th Anniversary

Today marks the 125th anniversary of Ellis Island. Excellent information, here.

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  1. experienceofthinking
    Jan 02, 2017 @ 13:39:55

    dear aficionado, for a lot of people, at least european people, america is u.s.a. or canada…. i remember my cousin when (it was the 50s) goes to america and begun her vojage thru the ocean in the ship among a lot of italian emigrants …. when reading your post i rememered that image …. we (outside the united states) have a sort of ” ellis island of the mind” …. a very difficult way to understand “america” but anyway it is the mind of the world …. hugs by your friend from old europe. ciao.

    • sepultura13
      Jan 02, 2017 @ 17:05:25

      What’s really funny is that Canada doesn’t consider themselves “America,” even though they are on the North American continent…Canadians are a breed of their own! Then again, people in Europe feel that other continents are “all-inclusive.” This American citizen (myself) knows that different countries, regardless of continent, are still their own country with their own unique style, flavor, dress, cuisine, etc.

      I see things quite differently than most people, regardless of their country of origin – which is why I’m misunderstood by most people, everywhere! C’est la vie…and *HUGS* to you for at least being accepting of my eccentricity!

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