Demanding respect and more space in society but why does black women’s activism bother people so much?

Yep – this is what I live on a daily basis…and I refuse to be silenced.

Black Women of Brazil


Note from BW of Brazil: Well, one must admit that this seems to be the case. For the decades and in fact centuries that black women of Brazil simply accepted the position that Brazilian society reserved for them, no one really said anything because, well, it was just the way things were. But times have changed and continue to change. Black Brazilian women want representation in ALL areas of Brazilian society as well as a voice at the table to discuss her role and how she will be portrayed. But with this activism has come all sorts of complaints and push back. Black women and the black population as a whole has been accused of “seeing racism in everything”, “whining” and forgetting “their place.” And we also note these attitudes in the increased racist internet attacks on black women who have prominent public profiles (see here

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