US Electoral College Meetings 2016

This is our final hope. I contacted my local electorate(s) – did you?

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  1. Brian Lageose
    Dec 19, 2016 @ 16:59:03

    Interestingly enough, it appears that 2 of our 38 electors did not vote for Trump. They voted for OTHER Republicans, but I’m still surprised it happened here in solid-red Texas, where you just don’t vary from the party line…

    • sepultura13
      Dec 19, 2016 @ 19:53:22

      Here in the Evergreen State, 4 of our electors refused to vote for Hillary, even though she won the state. Three voted for Colin Powell, and one cast their vote for one of the Standing Rock elders…I guess the $1K fine is a pittance for them. Makes me wonder about bribery, personally…but, that’s too political for many, and others will poo-pooh it as “wild conspiracy theory” from my “fevered” brain! I tend to be correct more often than not, so I just watch the circus and munch popcorn…

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