Meet Ana Flávia: From Salvador, Bahia, she recently made history after becoming the first black woman to win the Ford Models contest

This is excellent! Back when I did modeling, the Ford Agency was highly sought-after. Congratulations to this beautiful young woman!

Black Women of Brazil


Note from BW of Brazil: Well anyone who heard about this story recently just knew that she would make headlines here at BW of Brazil! I mean, her whole story is what this blog is all about! A black woman with salient African features and rockin’ cabelo black power (an afro). And she’s from Salvador, Bahia, the city whose nickname is Roma Negra, meaning Black Rome! Of course congrats are in order as her victory brings yet another topic that we consistently speak on here: black representation. But in typically Brazilian fashion, there IS one problem with the way she won. She was the ONLY black woman in the contest! The more things change the more they remain the same! Anyway, congratulations to Ana Flávia!


Meet the young woman from Mussurunga who made history as first black woman to win the Ford Models contest

Ana Flávia, 20, won a…

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