Friday Fun-Time: “Hollow-Day” Edition!

Ah, December…the month where everyone that you know is suddenly going overboard with shoving holiday cheer down your throat, and blowing so much crap up your arse you feel like you’re going to fart snowflakes, tinsel, and candy canes! All of this hollow “good-will” starts well before Hallowe’en, mind you, so some of us are beyond sick of xmas before the end of November. That, combined with the paranoid screeching about the nonsensical, imaginary “war” on xmas has me completely over the whole “peace on Earth” thing which doesn’t seem to exist, as of late. I’m not a pessimist; It isn’t about the glass being “half-full” or “half-empty,” I just look at the reality of a situation and call it what it is.

I’ve been noticing an interesting trend for at least a decade: the amount of “hard-luck” stories explode exponentially during this time of year, and have gotten worse with the popularity of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other “social” media sites. There was a story reported on the local news last month that I wanted to cite, but it is no longer available on the specific local station’s website, meaning it was exactly what I suspected it was – a fake, “hard-luck” story!

I can think of some recent posts that I’ve read on other blogs which deal with same, and it would appear that misery loves company if you gauge the amount of commentary following said posts. Panhandling has moved from the street-corner to the living-room.

In light of that, I’m going to share a few of my own personal Thanksgivoween and Hannukkwaanzamas favourites. I was reminded of a song that used to be played on the local Seattle radio station KZOK-FM around this time of year, and after years of searching, I managed to find it again – it only took me 13 years to do so, LOL!

(The other video I had up was way funnier, but isn’t allowed to be played here! Click on this link for the better version)

Finally, here are my top three “hollow-day” favourites to close out this post. My sense of humour isn’t easily understood, so don’t expect anything warm and fuzzy. Have a great weekend; I have to get back to the New Life Festival activities in Tamriel! Later, gators…

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