Darlene Pitts, 57-Year-Old Grandmother of 12, Earns Bachelor’s Degree From HBCU Norfolk State University

It’s never too late to further your education – this lady is proof that holding on tight to one’s dreams is a necessity.


Grandmother graduate Darlene Pitts (photo via hbcubuzz.com)

article by Tommy G. Meade Jr. via hbcubuzz.com

A 57-year-old grandmother of 12 who admitted that college “was a rough four years” graduated from  Norfolk State University, a historically black college or university, alongside hundreds of students this past Saturday.

Darlene Pitts is a hardworking woman in pursuit of higher education living in Norfolk, Virginia. During her time at college, she was working two jobs. But she had to “Quit her job at a Kroger grocery store and focused on her schoolwork and her job as a special education teaching assistant at a local high school,” after she discovered that she was placed on academic probation.

Pitts told The Virginia-Pilot that “I came to work in tears because I got a letter saying I was on academic probation.” “Some of the classes, they were really rough,” Pitts added. “I was ready to throw in the…

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  1. purplebutterfly964
    Dec 15, 2016 @ 14:45:43

    Thank you for sharing this post.

    • sepultura13
      Dec 16, 2016 @ 12:01:15


      I’m surprised that you don’t share more posts like this, but I think that your blog is more geared to generating traffic and collecting followers. I haven’t seen one thing about “natural” hair on your blog, yet…and I don’t expect to.

      Have a nice weekend.

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        I don’t share posts like this because I don’t want to. My blog is about what I feel like talking about at the moment. I have quite a few blogs one that I was going to upload today about natural hair. I am not worried about generating traffic but I do enjoy having followers and interacting with them. Your response is very shady and passive aggressive. You have a nice day as well.

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        If my response is “shady” and “passive-aggressive,” it’s because of your attention-seeking, trollish comments.

        I also enjoy having followers, and interacting with them, but I’m not interested in dealing with cat-fishing phonies who utilize bullshit avatars and pretend to be something or someone that they’re not. You might fool others, but you don’t fool me.

        That’s not “passive-aggressive” – that’s pretty fucking direct.

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