Thursday Thoughts: Thunderstorms & “Thanks-for-taking” Day!

Wow – what a busy week it’s been! This is why I try not to schedule too many things, because Murphy’s Law and the many variations thereof invariably interfere. For example – when is the last time that you heard of a child being born on schedule? I mean, a kid born exactly on their due-date, without the birth being induced? I know of none, personally, and I know a lot of women who have kids – hell, I’m one of them! I only have one, though…I quit while I was ahead, LOL!

Anyway, I’m technically a great-aunt, now! One of my husband’s nephews got married a couple of years ago, and he and his wife brought a baby boy into the world a week ago, so we went to welcome the newest member of the family over the weekend and returned on Monday. The good thing about the timing; it made it easier to beg off any invitations to ‘holiday’ dinners, so I won’t be forced to choke down someone else’s dry turkey or disgusting sweet-potato pie! I’m not a fan of either, but that’s another topic, ROFL

The weather has been insane around here all week – high winds, torrential rains, and more thunderstorms! I tend to associate thunderstorms with Midsummer weather, not in late autumn / post-Samhain, literally a month before the winter Solstice / Yuletide. As I type this, the rain has eased up for the first time since Tuesday afternoon, and there a thick blanket of clouds is hiding the sun. The thunderstorm on Tuesday night didn’t wake me up at all, but the one last night was intense! Bright flashes of lightning lip up the room, even with the blinds drawn. I could even see some of the flashes with my eyes closed, and the thunder seemed endless; some peals even rattled the windows…and I loved every minute of it! The storm raged for a little over an hour, I think – heavy rain, lots of hail, and wild winds. Lots of unstable atmospheric conditions this season…and winter is still a month away.

Speaking of unstable things, the racist trolls have decided to come out of the closet since the electoral-college selection of the Drumpf, whether they live in the U.S. or not! I can’t and won’t pretend to be surprised over it – the psychotic and sociopathic cowards now feel empowered to spread their hate anywhere and everywhere they wish, spewing their mental and verbal diarrhea in an almost obsessive fashion. In light of that, I placed some links in this post that might be of assistance to those of us who find ourselves under attack, overtly or covertly, by the nazis that frequent the interwebs. I still think that the best way to deal with them is to take screen-shots of their hate and abuse, and report it whenever and wherever possible. Responding to them directly is an exercise in futility and validates their pathetic existence. I refuse to engage them or feed them, personally; it is a waste of time and energy from what I see. Sometimes I let them hang themselves with their own words – letting them shoot themselves in both feet is a lot of fun, since they can’t seem to help themselves. I don’t ban them, but I don’t bother engaging them in conversations, either.

With that, how about a bit of music? Please, enjoy these selected songs. On a final note, find something to be thankful for EVERY DAY, not just one shameful day of the year! I call this day “thanks-for-taking-day” for a reason, and explained this some time ago. If you know why, great – it shows that you’ve been paying attention. If you don’t, oh well…c’est la vie!

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