Music: Character Class Themes

I’ve met my NaNo word-count for the day, and I’m avoiding all things political on TV or the Interwebz today…that includes reading the blogs that I follow! I’ll catch up on reading everyone tomorrow. For now, it’s time for some hard-core gaming – I think that I’ll do some live-streaming off and on today, too…I have all day to noodle around!

Enjoy this reblog of mine about the character classes in my favourite game.

Eyrie Of An Aries

I’m noodling with my phone, locating the proper settings and site that will allow me to get my pics downloaded, and listening to a bit of music. I recalled that, when I had my in-game guild site up, I’d done a little musical tribute to the four character classes in The Elder Scrolls Online: Templars, Nightblades, Sorcerers, and Dragonknights.

First, the Templars: they are the healers, radiating the light of life on their comrades – but don’t mistake them for gentle, pious souls! They will bring down the power of the heavens upon their enemies, crushing them with the gravity of the sun. Another skill they possess is referred to by all in the game as the “Jebus Beam,” and it is potent against many! The Beatles’ song “Here Comes the Sun” was the best tribute I could think of.

Next, the Nightblades: the assassins, cloaked in…

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