Friday Fun…NaNo Style!

LOL – I need this picture on my mirror as a reminder every time I walk by…but it would probably be more of a distraction! I already have enough distractions without adding more; still, I press onward with the daily challenge. I am doing my best to silence my inner critic and just let the words flow once I set my fingers to the keys…and that’s the most difficult part.

I have to keep my survival tips in mind:

1. Don’t obsess or correct when writing…just write!

2. Take breaks. Get outside and fiddle with the plants or watch the animals…just breathe the fresh ocean air and relax!

3. Eat healthy. Feed the body, feed the mind, and feed the soul. Think positive!

4. Move around. Stretching, exercise, and meditation help with creativity.

5. Last, but certainly not least: have fun! Challenges are to be met with a smile, not with trepidation – so, just do it!

Here are three songs from my NaNoWriMo playlist – music always inspires me, and Friday is a perfect day to lay down some solid tunes, so…enjoy! See you all later.



An eagle in a golden sunset…beautiful!

Welcome to Tofino Photography


I shot these on June 4rth/14. The eagle is Romeo.My favourite feathered friend. He’s always happy to see & pose for me. Our weather here has been very poor.If I don’t get the light,I do not go out.So I haven’t seen my friend in what seems like an eternity!

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Advertisements from long, long ago — fabulous hair edition

LOL – ah, vintage ads…they’re priceless!

bluebird of bitterness

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Upon the my oh my

I can relate to this…excellent poem.

Sheldon Kleeman


No one can understand

What goes on in your head

When you are all alone

And it’s way passed


Those haunting dreams

of days gone by

But there here again

To say stay

And will freak


The stakes are high

Your talking with your


To express the emotion

that no else can feel

but you’re behind the

steering wheel

How does it feel to be


A crazy man behind

Your own

steering wheel

No one can understand

What goes on in your head

When you’re all alone

After the clock strikes midnight

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Breathtaking Starry Skies of New Zealand

Breath-taking, eye-opening, amazing and awesome…I love these!


New Zealand can be the scene of absolutely fantastic situations on an astronomic plan. The astrophotographers Jake and Jo Scott-Gardner indeed wander their mother country and especially the region of Queenstown in order to capture aurora borealis, shooting stars, meteors or the Milky Way with their cameras and satisfy their curiosity.

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