Friday Fun…NaNo Style!

LOL – I need this picture on my mirror as a reminder every time I walk by…but it would probably be more of a distraction! I already have enough distractions without adding more; still, I press onward with the daily challenge. I am doing my best to silence my inner critic and just let the words flow once I set my fingers to the keys…and that’s the most difficult part.

I have to keep my survival tips in mind:

1. Don’t obsess or correct when writing…just write!

2. Take breaks. Get outside and fiddle with the plants or watch the animals…just breathe the fresh ocean air and relax!

3. Eat healthy. Feed the body, feed the mind, and feed the soul. Think positive!

4. Move around. Stretching, exercise, and meditation help with creativity.

5. Last, but certainly not least: have fun! Challenges are to be met with a smile, not with trepidation – so, just do it!

Here are three songs from my NaNoWriMo playlist – music always inspires me, and Friday is a perfect day to lay down some solid tunes, so…enjoy! See you all later.


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