Tuesday Tidbits…1 November 2016

It’s November…and NaNoWriMo is here! I’m participating this year (finally), so my blogging and gaming schedule will change a bit as I make a genuine effort to see this challenge through to completion. 50,000 words on a completely new novel in one month…that’s words, not just ‘characters’ as many are limited to in texts or Twitter feeds. I have a nice little support group and cheerleading squad with my family, friends, and a couple of my WordPress buddies – so, I figure that I’m as ready as I’ll ever be!

The image below shows the minimum number of words that should be written per day, in order to complete this challenge successfully, so I’m determined to see it through. I’m looking forward to this…it will be fun and frustrating at the same time!


Image by Margie22 at DeviantArt

I will probably re-blog some of my other posts along with my regular re-blogs of my followed favourites, and Game Six of the MLB World Series is tonight…I hope that Cleveland gives me something good to write about, LOL! I mistakenly thought that Game Five was going to be played in Cleveland; Chicago still had the home-field advantage, and finally capitalized on it quite well. I’m enjoying the series no matter who wins…but I’m still rooting for Cleveland! I have no money riding on the game, since I haven’t bet on a sporting event in 10 years. There are very few teams that I would bet any money on, since gambling isn’t really my thing. Poker once in a while; Powerball when the jackpot is insanely huge, but that’s about it.

Time to throw together some semblance of a novel cover to put on my NaNo page! I’ll catch up with your blogs later on this evening. See you all later!

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