Past-Time Weekend Fun!

I was inspired by another blogger to do this post, and it was nice to recall some of the good things from my childhood / pre-teen years. I see nothing wrong with indulging in some harmless reminiscing and nostalgia!

1. Searching through catalogues at home, looking for the “proper” school outfits for “young ladies” to wear, since I wasn’t allowed to go to the local clothing stores…but, on the days I did get to go, I managed to find things that were fairly nice. I’ve always had an eye for clothes – I wish that I had the time, patience, and talent to make my own…then, and now!

2. Playing Dungeons & Dragons with my older brothers and their friends – I was always A) the only girl in the room; B) the only non-white persons, and C) the youngest in the crowd…so, I learned to hold my own against many at an early age! Skinny little me in a room full of wrestlers, basketball players, and cross-country runners, LOL – Musclehead City! Still, they were smart…so the “dumb jock” stereotype never made sense to me. Then again, no stereotype makes sense!

3. Wondering why Madonna was more famous than many others who had far more talent and class…and glad that my parental units never subjected us to the indignity of awards shows.

4. Indignantly insisting that my Def Leppard, Motley Crue, AC/DC, and Adam & the Ants t-shirts didn’t mean that I was suddenly worshipping Satan or doing drugs…which was odd, considering that my parents had the KISS: Double Platinum album on LP and 8-track, and listened to them on a regular basis – along with Gordon Lightfoot, George Benson, and Neil Diamond!

5. Waiting patiently for my turn on our Apple II+ computer on the nights that my brothers were home.

6. Gratified to see Tina Turner on MTV – I actually had dreams of being a singer in a rock n’ roll band, and she was my inspiration!

7. Wondering why Michael Jackson did that fateful Pepsi ad…especially since he supposedly didn’t drink the stuff. He burned himself for a product that he didn’t even use – was it karma?

8. Attending slumber parties with my few friends and watching cable at their house, to get my fix of which videos were ‘hawt’ on MTV!

9. Drooling over the “Frankie Say Relax” t-shirts in my Circus magazine and wanting one for myself, then getting pissed because “mommie dearest” wouldn’t have approved…even though there were no offending graphics on the shirts!

10. Riding my bicycle for hours on end, anywhere and everywhere I could go, just to find some secluded spot to sit and read: the cemetery, the goat farm, and the beach with petroglyphs were my favourite spots to hide away.

11. Reading in my room when Dallas, Dynasty, or the Dukes of Hazzard came on…I never understood how the ‘rental units could watch that dreck, yet criticize the daytime soaps with a straight face.

12. Baby-sitting for my kid siblings and their friends – earning money, early on, for my eventual escape from that house!

13. Practicing the piano, clarinet, and recorder…each for an hour. Sometimes, it seemed that my love of music was something that they wanted to squash – and it didn’t work, obviously!

14. Only caring about politics enough to kinda-sorta befriend the son and daughter of a local guy who decided to run for…mayor? state governor? I forget. I figured that being the “token black friend” of people who wanted to pretend that they liked diversity was better than nothing, at the time.

15. Stunning my friends with my perfect recollection of some of the silliest songs, including “Another One Rides the Bus” by Weird Al Yankovic, and “No Anchovies Please” by the J. Geils Band.

16. Calling in to the local radio station for their “Friday Night Request Night,” and dreaming of one day being the soft, soothing voice pouring out of the speakers…which I did, five years later!

17. Wondering why people said that Vanessa Williams was the first “black” Miss America. Blonde hair, blue eyes, and light skin (from what I saw) didn’t make her “black” in my eyes then – and still doesn’t, to this day. Sue me.

18. Making endless “mix tapes” to listen to on my Walkman when I went out riding my bicycle or walking around – I was perfecting the process each and every time!

19. Dreaming of the day that I could get off of that tiny island and see the big, wide world beyond its borders.

20. Standing out on the deck of the boat we lived on, looking up at the stars, and listening to the roar of the waterfall. Summer months were spent out at the fish hatchery that my dad built, so we were away from “civilized folk” for weeks on end!

21. Going to the local library and hiding in a corner, reading, until closing time.

22. Laughing with my best friend as we wandered the streets at night, pretending that we were drunk after drinking Shirley Temples at the Elk’s club where her dad was a member.

23. Feeling important after walking into the “Teen Center” and owning the air-hockey table, Tempest, and the Time: 2000 pinball machine. My gaming prowess was just becoming apparent!

24. Sitting by the cast-iron fireplace reading, burning the bottoms of my socks off because I would use the thing as a foot-rest…our beagle would sleep behind it and snore; he had a small burnt-looking bit of fur on his left haunch because he laid up near the fireplace, too.

25. Cooking, cleaning, or writing in my journal on the weekends that I was grounded / “on restriction” for some imaginary wrongdoing – creating worlds in my head to escape to!

Ah, memories…those were the days, eh?


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  1. saywhatumean2say
    Oct 23, 2016 @ 04:17:44

    Reblogged this on saywhatumean2say and commented:
    There is no greater space than the emptyness inside my head, too bad I can’t get paid by the blank. ~~dru~~

  2. Brian Lageose
    Oct 23, 2016 @ 21:42:37

    First, thanks for the terrific shout-out. I really appreciate it. Second, I was fascinated reading this, getting to know you more little bits at a time. Except for slight variations, we lived very similar lives in our younger years, especially in how we would spend our “alone” time. Now, on to NaNoWriMo, I still haven’t decided what project I am going to work on. I’m wavering between “Oak Cliff Confidential” a murder mystery that I actually used for NaNo last year, but I still haven’t finished, a three-quarters finished book about a Caribbean Cruise we took a few years ago, and a collection of short stories. (That last one sort of doesn’t fit the NaNo concept, but I’ve got a bunch of stories piled up.) Are you going to work on your bio? Or something else?

    • sepultura13
      Oct 24, 2016 @ 09:49:35

      I’m going to attempt to continue with my gaming fan-fiction for NaNo, although I wonder if I have to get some sort of official permission from the gaming studios if I want to use names of cities and lands from it…for example, when people write fan-fic for Harry Potter, or use their FFVIII or WoW characters in fan-fic, do they have to contact J. K. Rowling, or the creators of those games, respectively?

      I’ve asked a few other people, and have never gotten a straight answer…so I might just re-tool an ancient tale that I started writing, way back in 1984!

      • Brian Lageose
        Oct 24, 2016 @ 23:14:48

        Well, there are generally two scenarios when it comes to using fictional bits created by others, and it depends on the specifications listed in the copyright. If it’s a strict copyright, they will clearly spell out what you can and cannot do with the “creations” of the author, developer, etc. This is the usual default, and I’m sure you’ve seen phrases along the lines of “none of this material can be used without consent”. However, especially in the gaming world where developers actually encourage fan-fiction, things can be a bit more lax. The copyrights are not as exclusively-written, and there is some leeway. Best advice? In your OWN copyright, identify the work as fiction and include a phrase along the lines of “any references to actual persons, places or things are not meant to be construed as actual depictions and are merely the result of the author’s imagination.”

        Hope that helps. Bottom line is that you cover your ass in the copyright. (Side note: When I clicked “reply” on your comment, it threw me to the bottom of the page, so I have no idea where this response is actually going to show up before I hit “post”. Cheers!)

      • sepultura13
        Oct 25, 2016 @ 12:29:12

        Thanks for the info – I think I’ll shoot a quick email to the ZoS / Bethesda people to make sure…otherwise, I’ll just write the fiction without using anything that might be under a copyright, as well as covering my ass under my own copyright! Seems the safest way to go, with NaNo looming around the corner…

  3. Tofino Photography
    Oct 23, 2016 @ 22:09:47

    you have a very creative & talented mind!

    • sepultura13
      Oct 24, 2016 @ 09:45:28

      Thank you! I wanted to put a nice little spin on what I did on Friday nights, back during my pre-teen / teenage years…the hours playing Dungeons & Dragons were among the most fun.

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